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I’m Home



Queen size bed quilt. Silk organza, pantyhose, calligraphy, polar fleece made of recycled soda bottles.

186” x 100” | Circa 200o2

Lancaster / Winter

The first of a series of quilts commissioned by Hines Interests for a David Child skyscraper in Cincinnati. There are four sets, each on a different season, so the tenants of the building have a change in their view all year long. Each season reflects on a different aspect of the quilt tradition.nine separate framed units, totalling twelve feet square.mixed textile collage 

12′ x 12′ | 1992

Peaceful Coexistence

A familiar theme, assembling fragments from previous works, creating dinner from available leftovers. This structure, and its wooden frame generated many a car payment.collage from couching, assembled, cut, reassembled, many times, quilted 

4′ x 6′ | ca 1990


One of the earliest full-size quilts, built the oddest way, by quilting two sections, then slicing them up and reassembling them. This was part of a series of four Elements, a theme I’ve used often since.mixed textiles, machine pieced and quilted hand-guided quilted collage 

6′ x 8′ | ca 1982