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Ellen Kochansky and can help you retrieve your dormant art instinct with a customized salon/ workshop at their studio home near Six Mile, SC. This wooded setting in the beautiful foothills of the upstate is the perfect retreat, a fully-equipped fiber and sculpture facility. Bring some family or friends, and create a truly meaningful collective object (textile or clay or 3-D wrapped sculpture) that can honor a transition, celebrate a wedding, send off a graduate, greet a baby, mourn a loss. Ellen will feed you well, and work with you to design a memorable event for up to six. $1000 per day, meals included.

Quilts as Sculpture and Archive

Penland School, 2001  44” x 72” transparent quilt, with book, 15 contributors, class students 

44” x 72” | 2001

Bird by Bird

Daniel High School, Clemson, SC, Honors English class, 2 panels, 40”x 40” each. 1998 Paper quilt using pages from student themes on the process of writing.

40”x 40” | 1998

The Brick Wall

Levine Hospital

Spartanburg Day School

Tea Bags – Mint Museum